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May 2012  
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" Cupping Therapy “Al Hijama” "

Dr.Amr Farouk
Master degree in Cardiology & Vascular Diseases

Cupping therapiest in GMC Hospital

Cupping therapy is a very old method of treatment. It’s renewed after Islam which highly advised Muslims to do it. It’s the most effective kind of the complementary medicine. It’s widely spread all over the world. More than 6000 colleges and institutions in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, U.K. in addition to South, East of Asia are using Cupping Therapy as an effective complementary medicine. It’s a kind of the old chinese medicine
“ O.C.M. ” Every disease has its own points for cupping therapy which are the same points as in the map of acupuncture method of  treatment.
Why to return back to this old method of treatment?

Priority is given for modern medicine in treatment of diseases but:

  1. Cupping therapy in combination with the modern medicine increases success rate of treatment of the diseases and shortens duration of treatment.
  2. Combination also decreases the no. and doses of drugs so decreasing the side effects of drugs and no interaction.
  3. Cupping therapy normalizes body functions, so its treats many diseases as an aetiology on the other hand, some chronic diseases like HTN 95% and D.M., drugs are used for treating them as results but not treating the pathology of the diseases accordingly treatment is life long.
  4. There are specific points in our body to stimulate immunity, so cupping therapy is effective in improving viral, allergic and auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis S.L.E.,  ulcearative colitis such diseases have poor to mild responses to drugs in general.
Mechanism of action:
  1. It corrects imbalance of energy at the specific points of the diseases on the skin, same like acupuncture
  2. Stimulation of nerve endings(reflexology)
  3. Improvement of peripheral, collateral and lymphatic circulations.
  4. Getting rid of waste products, oxidized materials and free radicals from these points.

There are 2 main types of Hijama: - the general Hijama (prophylactic) and the therapeutic Hijama which is used as a complementary medicine in treatment of so many diseases like:
Hypertension - Migraine
Bronchial Asthma - Dizziness
Heart Failure - Obesity
Diabetes Mellitus - Gout
Diabetic Foot - Rheumatoid Arthritis
Viral Hepatitis - Frozen Shoulder
Peptic Ulcer Disease - Tennis Elbow
Irritable Colon - Pain in Neck
Chronic Constipation - Low back pain
Chronic Diarrhoea -Pain in Knees
Food Allergy - Sports Injuries
Prostatic enlargement & sexual disability
Varicose Veins of lower limbs & piles
Chronic Para nasal Sinusitis & Allergic Rhinitis
Glaucoma, Retinal hemorrhage & optic nerve atrophy
Some Gynecologycal diseases like irregular menstruation
Eczema & Psoriasis
Depression, anxiety & lack of concentration
Getting rid of smoking, alcoholic & heroin addiction

Before doing Hegama, the patient should be examined clinically and his medications to be reviwed to avoide contraindications and complications of Hijama. Scratches of Hijama are very superficial, suction of blood should be repeated till getting a bright red blood. Dressing should be done .

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